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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Any vehicle that can be selected on the web site is provided in good working condition, complete, clean and fueled. Clients are advised to check the car before renting it. If another person is going to drive the car, one should check his driver’s license.

Rental documentation

– ID card (passport);
– driver’s license.
– Deposit of $1000 is refunded after the car has been returned (cash or blocked card).

Car handling

Taking and returning vehicle is done in working hours in rental agencies.

Use of car

The client is obliged to use the rented vehicle attentively, carefully and responsibly. When the car is not being used, the alarm should be turned on. The car can nly be used for non-paid people transportation.

The car cannot be used:

– to teach driving;
– to compete;
– to transport illegal or dangerous cargo;
– to tow another vehicle;
– in case of accidents and mechanical malfunctions;
– as a taxi.

What to do when the car is damaged or in case of an accident?

First thing that needs to be done is to contact us by phone and call the police, receive a copy of police report about the damaged object and collect information about the witnesses. Let us know in any suitable way within 24 hours. Then, in 10-day period, present all documents to get insurance compensation.

What to do in case of a breakdown?

Lets us know about it by phone. He client is liable to cover all the costs of repairing works if the breakdown occurred by his fault.

rental terms

Minimal rental term – 1 day since the moment of rent.


Payment for car rental services can be done:

– with cash;
– with plastic cards.

Deposit amount is $1000. Payment is done in advance for the whole period of use.

Rental cost

Car.Hire service determines the rental cost. It includes full coverage and technical services. If the car is returned 1 hour late, the client is to pay half rental cost of a single day in the amount of 60% of the existing tariff.

Car rental service

Car.Hire is a car rental service. We offer a selection of vehicles from our auto-park including scooters and motorbikes.

Read our catalogue to learn more about our prices and models.

Upon prior agreement, car may be rented with a driver.

Any questions left? Call us and we will answer all your questions!